What We Reject

Fitness as an option.

Working out as a hobby.

Moving our bodies as a chore; a reluctant obligation in pursuit of “health”.

Becoming fitter by putting on the headphones, tuning out and suffering through a workout.

Competing every day, with one’s self or others.

A broad, all-encompassing definition of fitness.

What We Believe

Making physicality and voluntary struggle a larger part of our daily lives is THE path to more robust bodies, relationships, and communities.


People do well if they can, and everyone wants to do better.


Every action influences a habit... and not just our own. We become like those we hang around and we are responsible for each other.


Meaningful change is a product of cooperation. Competition is one expression of this cooperation. 


Improving capacity is akin to resisting gravity. It can never be passive. The more engaged and aware we are of process, progress, and purpose, the better.


At Dayton Strength, our product isn’t our space, our equipment, or our programming. It’s our coaching. We deal in relationships, and our goal is depth.




Strength of character.


Power of patience.


Depth of understanding.


Intensity of focus.


Capacity for change.