Doing vs. Becoming


Everything above serves not as a lecture from an authority, but as the start of a conversation, a hopeful spark that we hope finds kindling. Good storytelling has a clear inciting incident. An event from which the main character’s world changes permanently, where the journey begins and there’s no going back. This was written carefully so that YOU can quickly begin to thrive here at Dayton Strength. We know that the thinking is just as important as the doing, and neither is ever finished. None of our thought is set in stone. If we’re attentive and lucky enough then our understanding will evolve towards “more”. The sum of our experience shows that’s unlikely, and that the water only ever seems to get deeper, our ignorance more profound. But it’s the seeking that nourishes, much more than the transient feeling of discovery. We wouldn’t trade it. What’s below is some advice, the only thing we can feel 100% sure of. In the end, it’s best to borrow another’s words to get the point across.


Show up, on time.

Get involved.

Embrace yourself as a work in progress

Open up to being confronted and changed by a process.


“Have you examined who you are and why? Is your condition the result of a decision or an accident? If you are training, you have taken the helm. At least you have chosen to control one aspect of your life and Self that you can control. Ultimately, through practice, what we can control expands, and life becomes less of something that happens to us and more of a thing we steer.”

-MFT, Identity


Intrigued? Intimidated? Inspired?

Move Forward.